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If you could/had to own a specific player's jersey from each/any team, who would you choose...


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Barry Sanders, home blue.

Definitely on my list too.

Bo Jackson...all of Raiders (black jersey), White Sox home pinstriped and Royals (lighjt blue jersey).

Yellow Lakers Magic Johnson jersey...and James Worthy too.

Vinny Testeverde creamsicle Bucs jersey.

How about college...I'd wear a Hank Gathers Loyoya Marymount if I could find one, along with an old Indiana Hoosiers Calbert Cheaney and a Maryland Terps Steve Francis .

College Football...Notre Dame Rocket Ismail and Miami Clinton Portis.

Guess I could not stick to the one per sport after all. :D

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I'm going to choose from each of the major 4:


1. Montreal Expos #27 Vlad Guerrero Away Uniform. (holy crap I miss those Expos uniforms...)


2. Indiana Pacers Reggie Miller #31 Away Jersey. (Those were my favorite jerseys in the NBA at the time)


3. Montreal Canadiens Patrick Roy #33 Away Sweater. (Something about the Canadiens sweaters have always got me.)


4. S.F. 49ers 1994 Deion Sanders #21 Home Uniform.

Notable mention: Denver Bears "strikezone" uniforms. Those were cool and had a use on the field.

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Funny story about the (gold/blue) Jordan one. When I was like 11 there was a lost and found (I forget where I think it was at the local pool) and there was a MJ wizards jersey there. I was seriously considering taking it (even though i knew whose it was), then the guy that owns it comes over and grabs it right before I was about to walk away with it.


That Durant Sonics one would be pretty good too.

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California Angels - J.T. Snow home white. They recently released a Jim Edmonds player tee of this style, and I had to buy it, but I still want this jersey


(I'd be willing to settle for Mark Langston or Chili Davis, too)

Padres - Tony Gwynn. In reality, I'd just love an old brown/yellow Gwynn jersey


Expos - Vlad Guerrero...I specifically like the look of this blue BP jersey


Lions - Barry Sanders white...I have THREE blue Sanders replica jerseys somewhere


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