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Fictional/Fantasy Football Team - Rockstars


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So I got bored and decided to make logos/jerseys for a fictional team called the Rockstars. This is usually the name I use in fantasy football, in case anyone was wondering. As for the colors, I've always loved the Volt color by Nike and I thought it would look good with black and white and a little grey. Anyways, C&C, let me know if you like it, and all that good stuff!



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The fact the star has the one curved edge is really bothering me. I think it'd be better if you just straightened it to make it like a normal star.

I see that too. But other than that, I FREAKING LOVE IT ALL!!!

Thanks! As for the curved edge, I did that on purpose. If you look at the white/silver part of the logo, it's a star made of 3 shapes. I wanted the big one to be kinda "swoopy," hence the curve.

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the middle shape of the star reminds me of the Star Trek logo


I like what you did with the pants stripe, but overall the identity is pretty underwhelming for me. It's well executed, but nothing really makes it stand out and go "oh cool!" Maybe adding another color to play off the volt could help.

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