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Colorado Rockies Concept (Logos & Uniforms)


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So, I've been working this for a couple weeks now, and decided it's time to post them and get some feedback.


From looking at numerous Rockies concepts it seems like the majority want two things: ditch the black and the pinstripes. I've done both in this concept. Purple and silver/gray looked a bit bland to me. I wanted to add another color but wasn't sure what color - I tried a powder blue, but too me it looked like a color combination that was meant for a team playing a winter sport, not summer and autumn. I also looked at other MLB teams to see what color combinations were least used. In addition, I was looking for something that could represent the Rocky mountains area. of course it needed to fit with Purple. Solution: Green.

original size



Majestic Purple

Deep Forest Green

Golden Silver

A unique color palette, I think that helps identify the Rockies.

Purple: Primary, color used since they came into the league. I also made it more of a reddish/lavender purple.

Deep Forest Green: Representing the abundant forest and green trees of the Rocky mountains.

Golden Silver: adding a golden tint to their silver pays homage to Colorado's old west past of the gold rush age.


Was going to use their current logo with my bonzer text, but didn't like the way it looked. So I took a page from my KC Royals concept and went with a diamond shape. Outter diamond is Majestic Purple, and the inner diamond in Deep Forest Green, with each diamond outlined in Golden Silver.

Interlocking "CR" stays as the cap, in the Golden Silver.

Uniforms: (All Caps have the CR in Golden Silver)

We have: Home, Road, Home Alt A, Home Alt B, Home Alt C, Road Alt. The first four, I really like and look clean. Though the caps didn't show up as well as I intended. The purple and green get blended a bit too much I think.

Home: Streamlined White and Purple, with an all purple cap and green numbers on the front. Numbers and nameplates on the back could be purple and/or green.

Road: Streamlined road gray with purple text, and all purple cap, and green numbers on the front. Numbers and nameplates on the back could be purple and/or green.

Home Alt A: Meant as kind of a Saturday uniform like the Cardinals do. A Green Interlocking CR, green cap with purple bill and purple numbers moved to the right part of the jersey.

Home Alt B: Really just a change in the cap. Kind of like some baseball teams do for Sunday home games. Cap is purple with a green bill.

Purple Jerseys H/R: Green lettering with white outline for both team city/name and numbers. The Sunday Cap is present in both.

A couple things I'm think about tweaking:

- I'm wondering if a lighter shade of green would help the colors pop and contrast a little better. I just can't decided on what shade of green, and went with a darker shade. (For example when I look at the full size image, the green and purple I really like, but in the screenshot the last two uniforms are hard to read).

- i'm not sold on the font, I believe it's Bonzer SF, and it seems kind of like it's a bit too close to the Angels and Rangers fonts. I just am not sure what other fonts might look good. I tried a couple others and they didn't translate very well.

Anyway, C&C welcome.

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Interesting. I really like the addition of green. In my opinion, the main logo is lacking; it looks very much like pasting elements into a pre-made template. (If you are going to keep this logo, at least add a space between Baseball and Club.) It makes sense to use the Rocky Mountains in their logo; try incorporating them and losing the diamond.

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You kinda have a Dodgers look with the front jersey numbers being a different color.

The design looks good but I think I would try to balance the purple/green so that it's not just one element (the front number). Maybe try a outline on the wordmark to help incorporate those colors.

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Yeah, I'm not sold on the primary logo or the font. Any suggestions on the font? I'd like to use something other than their current font, but that's about the only requirement.

I forgot to mention I wanted to incorporate a mountain peak or ridge within the green diamond, but I suck at drawing mountains, so I'll take some time on that and see what I can do.

After looking at the colors, I'm thinking about replacing the Golden Silver with their old silver or a shade of gray and use that on the purple jerseys or should I keep the Golden Silver?

ECUFan - Curious to see what you did, but that link doesn't work - try using imgur - that's what a lot of us use. :)

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So, after contemplating and mulling over this concept, I decided it's time to get back to it. I want to try and make the concept more Rockies-esque and I wasn't feeling the primary logo.

So I've posted a very quick and simple sketch and wanted to get some C&C on any adjustments before proceeding with it on the computer. Here's the sketch followed by thoughts:


Pretty self explanatory, yet I'll explain anyway. Mountain, with "Colorado Rockies" inside at the base. A baseball diamond with "CR" and a blazing baseball inside.

The Colors I've settled on is Purple, Green and Silver/gray. With maybe a sky blue as a secondary accent/alternate/outline color.

My thoughts:

- I'm wondering if the mountain would look better with "Colorado Rockies" out side along the base, and the mountain smaller say from the R to the S in Rockies. I kind of like the diamond in the mountain, but might just make it an outline. To fill the empty space, I'd leave the baseball diamond/outline and the blazing baseball would be a bit bigger to account for some of the empty space in the mountain.

- I added the interlocking "CR" inside the diamond with the speedy baseball, but not sure it works (too busy, too small, etc).

C&C welcome, may need a few more sketches, we'll see.

Edit: Pay little attention to the font, still not sure what font to use. Kind of leaning towards a script/brush font - would be different than the "western-ish fonts that pop up in many Rockies" concepts.

I also just noticed this: Looking at the Cap insignia and the primary logo, it looks like the Rockies use currently use two different shades of purple? Might just a computer/web color thing, or me. :)

NHJ- Yeah I wouldn't be opposed to it, might give it a go once I get this concept completed.

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