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P34 Basketball Templates


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Hey peoples,

Been a while and I haven't really had much time to put anything up. I've gotten tonnes of requests for my templates and since I figure I won't be doing anything with them, or at least can't see myself doing anything with them I figured it was time to share. At the link is a Photoshop file with front and back, and some 'tweakable' layers.

Go forth and design. Hopefully it doesn't get as frustrating for you to use as it was for me. (That damn perspective!).

If people want to make it so that this file is 'easier' to edit or what have you by all means go for it. I always got caught up working on these things on a project by project basis and found myself having to do certain things over and over.

I've also posted this in the templates thread. In case mods want to delete this one.

Enjoy, share your work, perhaps give some template credit to me if you could be so kind.



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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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