M&N Measure Most Popular Throwback Jerseys By State

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To reiterate here's why some of the states appear wonky to some:

  • 2014 sales: M&N has limited annual releases and targets collectors more than fans.
  • Small sample size for some states.
  • Likely online sales only which would skew somewhat outside local market preferences.
  • Anecdotal observations contrary to the results could be due to the following:
    • Local brick and mortar purchases in the local market.
    • Purchases made outside of the year 2014
    • Other throwback brands (e.g. Cooperstown Collection)
    • Fakes

Trying to extrapolate one online retailer's sales for a single year as a bellwether indicator of particular throwback popularity is simply too narrow in scope for the reasons above. M&N's data is fun to look at but only a portion of the entire picture. To do a true analysis you'd want a multi-channel and multi year collection of point of sale transactions.

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lols Ohio

Jim Brown... hello?!?

Larry Bird down south is interesting. VC northeast I have no idea... Orr, Esposito, 80's Celtics, 70's Sox, Bledsoe??

CT needs to get on the Whaler train.

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