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New mothership logo coming Monday, March 30


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"The white in the 'C' has been brightened to 'True North' White, embodying the passion and creativity of the CCSLC and its members.

The outline of the maple leaf has been refined and sharpened, and the red has been brightened. This new, 'Stripes and Maples' red proudly represents strength, clarity, and consistency, cornerstones of Sportslogos.net.

The blue remains unchanged."

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"With this update we intend to modernize the Chris Creamer brand, bringing it full-bore into the 21st century and reflecting our now-global reach. While in the past the CCSLC has been seen as a somewhat hockey-centric, Canadian and American resource, our impact obviously goes far beyond that."

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"We're changing our colours away from the iconic, recognisable red and blue to black and beige bronze brown metallic gold. The gold is symbolic of the passion our fans bring to the site every day. Black gives our site an aggressive, competitive edge that others just can't match, but it also draws less attention and is more comfortable for me to wear. We're also going to throw in a barely visible orange accent colour that bleeds into the other two colours, just to make us that little bit more interesting."

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