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Russian Premier league by Wgeddes


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Someone mentioned in one of my previous posts that I should do the Russian Premier League so here it is!

16 Teams

I have a new template thanks to Raysox, with a variety of kit makers.

KIt makers






I will be posting these in reverse order of current standings


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First up is #16 (last place) FC Rostov

Gave them the Umbro kit for a classic polo look

Home kit- All blue with red and yellow sash and red/yellow cuffs

Away kit- all yellow with sublimated blue stripes, and blue numbers

Third kit- all red with slashes on the shoulder taken from the logo.

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#14 Arsenal Tula

Home kit- red with radioactive camo (playing off what they have this year) but i put a gradient on it and the camo is more than 2 colors

Away kit- armory gray with v shape on the chest and black/yellow accents

Third kit- yellow with red hoops

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Nice work so far. I REALLY dig what you did for Rostov with the 3 completely different colored kits. Nice details on them as well. For Amkar, I would have preferred a bit more variety in kit colors, but that's a personal preference. They're all nice designs. Tula's home isn't for me, but it definitely works. The other 2 are good also. I look at the third and all I can think about is Ronald McDonald. I do think that kit would be better if the hoops were carried across the back as well.

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Question: for the home tula kit, does it scream ridiculous color at you?

Not at all. I think it's a completely realistic concept and could definitely see that happen in real life. Nice update on the third kit. Looks great.

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