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SEC Basketball Court (Database) and Soon Football Field Database


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I have been home recovering from stomach surgery and I have had a ton of free time to work on these. I have never posted a concept here on these forums, mostly just been a lurker/follower for about 5 years. Some of these are missing the basketball goal (and I apologize). However with what I have completed, I wanted everyone's opinion. My future project this spring will be SEC Football Field Database

South Carolina Gamecocks


Georgia Bulldogs


Auburn Tigers


Alabama Crimson Tide


Arkansas Razorbacks (of course my personal favorite Woo Pig Sooie!)


I appreciate your time and consideration reviewing these.

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Good start. I've created a similar set of designs for my site, documenting the history of Auburn basketball courts. This might help you out. (I've also got Jordan-Hare field designs [need to be updated] and bowl game history on there.)


As others have said, the NBA key lines are the biggest issue. Your SEC logos seem to differ in size, and in general are a bit large. Auburn is missing the mid-court circle completely, and others have the logo on top. Just some minor things to fix though.

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Okay everyone is talking about NBA lines/key? Where do I need to make changes at? Thanks.

The NBA lane is wider than the College lane. I know which template you are using, and there is a way you can turn off (or erase) the NBA lane lines from each concept. Also, you're missing the top of the circle from the Auburn design. That's key (hehe, accidental pun). Also curious if you are going to have the circle at midcourt or not in your design.

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