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NFL Helmet Redesign All 32 Teams Part II


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A lot of these seem to be change for the sake of change, which can lead to both good and bad ideas. For example, there's no need to change what Green Bay, Dallas, and Chicago have, as they're classic looks. The Texans have no need to use powder blue, especially if it's the same shade as what the Titans use. And the Browns... well, let's just say they're named after Paul Brown and not the color. There's a phrase I like to use that goes "If it ain't broke, don't fix it", and that certainly applies to most of these. I'll go through some of them in more detail.

Niners: Why? It's a decent idea and all, but why change it? Their current logo works just fine, plus I don't know how the Golden State Warriors would feel about the similarities between this logo and the "The City" logo they have used and still sell on merch.
Seahawks: Good idea, but the navy helmet blends in too much with the top half of the hawk. I would look at a different logo to use or maybe sticking with the silver helmet.
Dolphins: Grey on teal does not look good to me. I would either go back to a white helmet or find something to replace the grey.
Patriots: One of my favorites in the set. Elvis looks a little weird with his white parts blending into the helmet, so I would try an outline around the logo to distinguish between the two.

Colts: Same as the Niners but the new logo doesn't look good.

Jaguars: Why remove the teal? It's a unique look for most of the league, and it'd be nice to see even in small usage like highlights.

Steelers: Too real, kinda weirds me out a bit. Interesting to keep it out of the roundel, though, so it's a start.

Bengals: Way too busy with both stripes and the tiger head. Ditch the tiger and you have a decent gradient helmet (not as good as what they currently use, but still good).

Redskins: Good idea on a way to remove the imagery, but the W needs a little work in general. It's a step in the right direction, however.

Eagles: Why grey? The return to kelly is nice and all, but the grey seems very out of place.

Lions: Not sold on the dark grey helmet. Seems out of place. Try sticking with silver for now.

Raiders: I assume that this would be if they moved to LA, hence the "LA" on the eyes. That part seems a little forced, but overall I do like it. It's a good upgrade to the old logo.

Saints: I assume you're going for a halo look with the Saints. Good in theory, but the execution could use some work. Not sold on it yet.

Panthers: A little too much going on here. I like the side-facing panther but I'm not sure about it on a two-tone helmet/with claw marks. Stick with just the panther and it could look better.

Falcons: Not what I was expecting, but it's interesting. I'm not sure how I feel about it, but it could be interesting if done right.

Beyond that, they all just seem kind of... rough. There are a few errors (Vikings, Chargers) and I'm just not sold on some of these concepts. A good mindset to follow is the idea of explanation - why grey for the Eagles and Lions? why change the Niners and Colts? I will say this - you have some very unique concepts here, and I could see some of these working with a little adjustment (Pats, Broncos, Redskins, Raiders, Bucs, Rams, and Titans come to mind). Keep working on tweaking them and you could create some very stellar concepts.

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Rams, I want to hate, but I kind of love it.

Bills... you are on to something... but its either got too much or its missing something.

Pats... If we have to keep Elvis, I prefer him on white.

The rest... Im not intrigued by..

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