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Milwaukee Bucks logo concept-based on leaked logo


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I like the direction of the newly leaked logo, but I think it could use a few tweaks.

I liked the hidden basketball in the new logo, it was always so close with the previous logo. I didn't like including it in the small part of the horns.

I also liked the addition of a roundel, but it didn't quite feel complete.

I liked the new neck, making it an M felt obvious, but the M just looks ridiculous. I've tried to remedy that.

We were also teased with the addition of blue, but it isn't included in the new logo.


Here's a rendering of the leaked logo:


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At first glance, the main thing that sticks out to me is the thickness of that rack--it almost overpowers everything else. Which I guess isn't the worst thing in theory, but it still kinda throws the proportions off.

I do like that you eliminated the extra set of tines--you're right, the old buck always ever-so-slightly hinted at a hidden basketball, but never really "closed the deal". Yours does that and, aforementioned point aside, does so much better.

I could really take or leave the whole hidden "M" thing, both in the [allegedly] new buck and your concept. In both cases, however, I'm curious as to how it'd look if the bottom of the "M" followed the curvature of the roundel, to better make use of space and composition. Speaking of the roundel, the main contention I have with that is that it leaves a LOT of wasted space. That said, your version definitely incorporates the titles better. Far as the blue, I think I actually prefer the cream, but still, the blue doesn't look bad as is.

I'm still miffed, however--and I mentioned this in the other Bucks thread over in the Sports Logos forum--that the new identity kills the tie-in the old Bucks logo had with Wisconsin state route signage....




That's a short visual history of Wisconsin's state route signage--which since inception has always included some form of a triangle (and at the same proportions, at that). I may be the only one who cares about this--probably because of my current profession :wink2: --but I always found the older logos' subtle tie-in to those shapes, whether it was intentional or not, rather ingenius, particularly the inclusion of the text box. But now, it's gone. (Not to mention, that shape and composition made better use of space, as well.)

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Wow. That's a gigantic improvement...I'm also really impressed with the color scheme. It's so unique. Is the light blue some type of nod to Marquette?

Allegedly it's a nod to the original NBA team in Milwaukee, as well as to Lake Michigan.

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Definitely an improvement on the idea they came out with. The eyes and ears look much better, and I definitely prefer how you worked the hidden basketball into the antlers. The roundel is much, much better as well, and I love how you lined up the roundel with that one part of the antlers. The neck still doesn't look very natural, though yours works a little better IMO.

I really only have two suggestions. I agree with Buc that the antlers are a little too thick, especially at the bottom. Also, the stroke around the antlers could use some work in a few places, mainly at the ends. Some come to a point, some don't. Some taper, some don't. Work those kinks out and think about thinning out the antlers and you have a winner in my eyes!

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I think what you have here is very good. i love the type choice and general rendering. beautiful colors. the antlers arn't there yet but im not sure how to fix them. it might be that they're too unnatural; too perfectly rounded. i wish i had better advice, but keep pushing it

the triangle negative space in the brow is odd to me too. that line that comes from the ears to the eyes and meets on the snout makes it look a bit robotic. i would probably bring the top of the nose shape to a rounded point. that would also just make a simpler shape. easier to embroider too. then the cream ear shapes could probably be ovals.

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