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Miami Marlins Uniform Concepts


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Back in November I posted this thread with a wordmark I created for the Marlins, and now I'm back to use it in a concept! I created a home, a road, and two alternate uniforms.

My goals:

  1. Emphasize teal more than the original set ever did. Every element of the uniforms is now teal with black as a secondary color, including the numbers, belt, and shoes. One of the two alternates is teal.
  2. Make the set less busy. This is accomplished by exchanging pintstripes for placket and sleeve piping. There is also no sleeve patch. No double-outlines, either.
  3. Introduce the "M" logo as a replacement for the "F" logo. The home alternate uses it as a chest mark, an idea I got from this jersey. It is also on all the caps.
  4. Add the previously-mentioned "Miami" script to the road jersey in order to complete the change from Florida.

The concepts:


Top-left is the home jersey, top-right is the road, bottom-left is the teal alternate (both home and road), and bottom-right is a home alternate.

Please critique and thanks for looking!

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im guessing they go back to the old primary logo as well

Nope. If you look at the old primary, the typeface is not the same as the wordmarks. I can't stand that type of incosistency. For this concept, the primary would became the "M" logo as seen on the 2nd alt.

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The only complaint is the road. Miami looks too small, it looks weird. I'd just say enlarge it and Youve got a perfect set. Better than all past years. And current

I tried making the wordmark a little bigger, but I'm not sure if I took it far enough.


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thanks! have you designed the back of the uni's

I have. The only problem is that I don't have a template for the sides, so I can't show the pants piping right now. I've seen people use a little box between the front and back to show it, but I don't know if that would qualify as stealing their work if I were to do that.

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First off, thank you for the kind comments!

The reason I pushed the teal was because, in my ideal MLB, no other team would use it as their primary color. There's no shortage of teams that use black, which is why I used it as an accent. I thought about adding an extra cap with a black bill, but I liked the teal much better.

I'm thinking maybe they could use a sleeve patch. I would really like it to be the "M" logo. My concern, though, is the 2nd alternate. If I were to add the patch, it would be the same across all the jerseys. That would mean the logo would appear three times on that uni, which might be too much. Thoughts?

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I know it's been awhile, but I finally was able to get sides for the template. The final concepts are below. I decided to combine the alternates - it seems pointless to have two. I also created a concept for the BP jersey. The design for that is similar to the current MLB BP uniforms; changes include the side panels, which now extend all the way down, and the neck piping, which now wraps around to the back instead of cutting off. I added the "M" sleeve patch to all the jerseys except the alt, which I opted not to do in order to avoid overusing it like the "A" on the Angels uniforms.

Edit: Tweaked the BP template. I decided I don't like the thin piping; it clashes with the pants of teams that use thick piping. I do like the simplicity of just using the side and sleeve panels.





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