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Ligue 1 by Wgeddes


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So, I'm all done with Russian Premier League, if you haven't seen it then you should check it out. Now it's time for the top French soccer league, Ligue . Again I'll post three kits for each team, and I'll post them in reverse standing order (last place to first place). I am using Raysox's template, if you want it you can find it on the first page Raysox's A-League topic. Kit Makers: nike, adidas, umbro, puma, and kappa. I'll have to talk to Raysox about getting a new balance template. Please read through and enjoy, I'll post little descriptions about each kit.


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#20 Racing Club De Lens

Umbro is their current kit maker

I really wanted to stress the two colors and the shield division.

Home kit- classic red with yellow stripes, but a modern twist, I mimicked the logo and added that slash through the stripes to give it that sort of racing feel

Away kit- white kit with red and yellow stripes, utilizing the slash and dividing the stripes, with different colored cuffs, really utilizing the two colors

Third kit- black kit with yellow and red sash, red and yellow accents


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I like the idea of carrying the diagonal across all the kits. It builds a nice, uniform look. But, I think if you want it to be really uniform that you would re-align the sash on the third kit to the same angle as the diagonal on the other 2 kits. I know those 2 aren't really sashes, but seeing the kits together makes the angle on the black kit really stand out to me. Also, I would like to see the horizontal striping carried over onto the backs of the kits as well. They just feel incomplete to me without it.

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I'm not going to update lens, i think yeah I could reangle the third kit sash, but I don't think I will. I don't think stripes would work on the back, they would have to be lighter than the numbers and I don't think the continuation would be there.

Thanks for the C&C

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#18 Toulouse FC

Home kit- decided to go with a non-traditional purple on purple look with thinner stripes, team not doing well how about a new look

Away kit- all white with double purple horizontal stripe

Third kit-black with two tones of purple on the front panel with black horizontal stripe

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Some more good designs. With Toulouse specifically though, I think your 3rd kit is too close to the primary in color....even with the black sleeves. I'd like to see you branch out a little more on the colors of your kits, at least the third kits. Look at a lot of clubs, many have 2 kits that barely use club colors. I think you could do that with at least the third kits. Looking forward to more.

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#17 FC Lorient

Home kit- All orange with black horizontal stripe with white stripe gradient above it

Away kit- All white kit orange accents and orange v gradient

Third kit- black with orange and sublimated fish logo circling the advertisement

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#16 Stade Reims

Home kit- turned away from the red and white and went with a "Toujours Rouge" look, Two tone red with horizontal stripe gradient

Away kit- white kit with red shoulders with red hooks mimicking the flourish in the logo

Third kit- black kit with red horizontal chest stripe

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