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2015-16 College hoops


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AIBawLzt_bigger.jpgVCU Basketball ‏@VCU_Hoops

Here's a glimpse at how the reigning @atlantic10 champs will look when they take the court this year. #LetsGoVCU


Are these SoD? Kind of an old template, no?

Not a bad look, though.

No it's the template Kentuckey and a few other Nike schools wore last year. You can tell by the short side panel shape

Never mind these aren't the hyper Elite template, the jersey template isn't like those at all, it might be SoD

At least the gold is back.

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The addition of the "Lou Henson Court" is the only change from last year for Illinois. Personally, I think the orange jacket is a bit much. Love the styling around "Court" though. Nice nod to the Flyin' Illini.

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For those afraid of links:


Looks like tire tracks or a hula skirt of some sort. The jersey by itself deserves an A+. But those shorts, yeesh

WTF are those things? Adidas can't seem to design an adequate BB uniform either. I'm sure that template will be on other Adidas schools this year so it's going to be another year of laughing at them. I'm not sure why they're so insistent on making all their big-name schools wear the same template and not giving them each their own unique look.

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Duke appears to have finally abandoned the pinlined sword panel that they've worn the past two decades. Although evolved may be a more appropriate description than abandoned as the new look seems to combine the old design with last year's tournament set and the recent fauxbacks.



While the instagram post states that this will be one of two home options, the fact that they took their team photo in this set makes me believe it is the primary. As a whole, I like the look. I do think it could use some neck trim though. My favorite Duke look is still the early 2000's sets. Only royal and white on the home and aways with striped arm and neck trim, and the black alternate with thick arm and neck trim.

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