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[WIP] New logo for soccer team


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I'm not really feeling the WIPs as standalone crests. Perhaps combine the WIPs with the original crest (I quite like the orange ribbon/circle), replacing the three seaxes (swords) and see how that looks? Is there also any reason for deleting two of the seaxes? Three seems more fitting given the Essex connection.

Of the WIPs, I like bottom left best. The single seax looks better on a more vertical angle.

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4th one on the top is standing out to me. But because of the split, the home jersey will bleed with it (assuming its Orange or blue) so that outline works. Maybe it's my phone but the Orange an White part of the top of the sword may be hard to make out from a distance, possibly a blue outline similar to the 3rd logo?

I really like the ribbon on the original one however, it's too bad it can't be incorporated somewhere in the new design

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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