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German Bundesliga by soflo_sports (Werder Bremen)


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I realize that, whatever program you're using isn't the best, but whats up with the stripes on augsburg and whats up with the number on leverkusen?

I wanted the two shades of green on augsburg to be equal, and the number on leverkusen can't be changed. Its the adidas World Cup font that I got from Conrad, and the number 8 looks a little strange.

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I like the sublimated stripes on Bayern. The Dortmund concept should have stripes instead of hoops, makes them look like bumblebees. Nice job with BM (don't feel like spelling it out), I love the number font.

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I know that with the stripes that you are trying so that the two colors are equal, but it just doesn't look right. It feels off balance and weighted to one side. This goes for both frankfurt and augsburg. You got it right with bayern. I suggest keeping the stripes even on the jersey, you are going to have to pick one color as the jersey color and then one (or more if there is more colors) as the stripe color.

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