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2015 College Hoops Offseason


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Several notes from today as we head into the offseason:

- As expected, Duke's Jaleel Okafor and nearly everyone who saw the court for Kentucky this season has officially declared for the NBA Draft.

- Also, ex-Duke player and STATE UNIVERISTY OF NEW YORK at Buffalo head coach Bobby Hurley has been hired away by Arizona State.

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I don't hate that move by ASU. Sendek had basically been riding the coat tails of James Harden's reputation for years and needed to go. It's not a terribly sexy hire, but he had a good amount of success at Buffalo and couldn't possbly stagnate their program any worse than it already is.

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Seven players (the top 7 scorers) from Kentucky just declared for the draft. This includes the Harrisons, who are only sophomores and not guaranteed to get drafted at all. They are only sophomores and can still get better. They are doing themselves a disservice.

Another Final Four team, Wisconsin, probably will lose five of it's top seven scorers (Still waiting on Sam Dekker's decision; the other four are seniors).

EDIT: Dekker made it official. Back to reality in Badgerland.

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