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Team U.S.A Sports Mascot/Nickname

Dexter Morgan

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This is from Lee, in the thread talking about the report a post feature.

Politics? Report it

Political threads are a no-go for a reason. Obviously some topics have an inherent political element to them, and we let that slide so long as things don't get too crazy. Here though? It's a discussion about potential US national team symbols. There's no need to bring politics into it beyond the very broad topic of "what animal would best represent the US on an international stage?"

So yes. Certain political groups are associated with the DTOM snake. We're all aware of it. While I think the posters who have contributed to the thread so far are capable of discussing the issue calmly the fact is that it would balloon into a different discussion we rather not have.

In short, keep politics out of it.

Goth I only ask because I believe you've stated that you tend to only browse on the mobile version of the site, which doesn't necessarily inform you that you have a PM. So I'm asking you to check your PM box. It's nothing sinister, no need to worry.

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No worries. It's all good. PM should be in the mail anyway. As I said, nothing critical.

As for the topic at hand? The DTOM soccer badge was very nice, but I don't think you guys really need an alternative to the eagle. The bald eagle, despite being the national animal, really doesn't appear all that often on American national team gear, regardless of sport. The common elements seem to be stars, wavy red and white bars, and the flag/shield emblem. The eagle should probably get more use, given how dynamic an animal it is.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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