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tennessee vols nike uniform concept


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Hey ive decided since tennessee is moving to nike this july i would post something that the jerseys could look like. I didnt post a helmet or pants because i dont expect them to change



Smokey grey:volsnikealt_zps21d59330.jpg

I would love to hear some feedback

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First of all, this is a very good concept, especially that you have incorporated the 3-stars-in-a-circle logo that adds state pride to the Vols. It's also good to see the old Vols logo on the neck cuff. After all, they're called the Volunteers. However, there are two nitpicks that I would point. First, the wordmark and the number are not aligned. That would surely be fixed in a matter of seconds. Last, the Smokey logo on the number isn't that blended on the color, especially in the white number, where it's basically a washed-out colored version of Smokey. If you take a closer look, there are still signs of black/Smokey gray, orange, and light blue. You might consider a one-colored logo but with different shades of that color. I also would like to see the back view of the jersey, to see what would the NOB look like. Again, good concept. Keep it up!

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