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The end is near, but for now, the saga continues...so here go the Cards and Royals.



The home set is based on the KC Monarchs, and the royal bull on the sleeve is my own work (as despite their usual imagery, the Royals got their name from the American Royal horse show/livestock show/rodeo). Decided to go the vest route for the road...thought a UCLA-ish look was worth trying.



Decided to go for the Gateway Arch on each sleeve, and put together a modernized slugger bird. The bird's on the front of the home whites, the grays use the STL. While the Cards' normal cap is used with the whites, a gray cap with the slugger bird and red piping goes with the roads.

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another great matchup

Have you Been Thinking about doing Twins Vs. Brewers Next

Thanks...and yes, I'll be posting Twins vs Brewers sometime in the near future.

good to see my fav. team looking nice. Good work.

Good to know this is being better received than this one time I tried the birds on the bat by itself. Up there with that Dodgers home uni and giving Tennessee football powder blue in the "never try this again" file. And given it's been years since I did the latter, I might do it one more time as a middle finger to all you f*ers :P

Have you thought about doing Yankees/Red Sox?

No. Honestly though...the A's-Giants thread was supposed to have been Dodgers-Giants, but I got talked out of it. Had I gone through with it, I'd very likely be working on Yanks-Sox, Cubs-Brewers, Astros-Rangers, Braves-everybody, et al. I did not, though, and don't plan to. Had I thought of doing this a few years ago, Astros-Rangers would've been on the to do list, but not now.

Really nice work Discrimihater ! Cowtown beats Arch-town !! Go Monarch/Royals !!

Nice to see you too Scout :hockeysmiley:

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Another great set. Some really interesting stuff going on with the Royals especially. Nice work on the bull logo.

The Cards set is surprisingly conservative compared to most of the designs in this series. Looks like something they could realistically wear if they ever chose to change their current perfect set. I love the arch logo on the sleeves.

Is Reds/Indians the only one left? I hope you give the Reds some actual red legs! I did a Google search and found that the Reds/Indians rivalry is called the "Ohio Cup," in case you wanted to use that in your thread title.

Now that I think about it, I wouldn't mind seeing the Astros/Rangers. I suppose the novelty of that rivalry is kind of lost now that both teams are in the same league, though. Still, the "Lone Star Series" is a great name for a rivalry series. I can picture you doing some really fun stuff with the 'Stros especially if you stick to their pre-2013/NL looks. Go for it!

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