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Retro-style NFL signatures (Currently cannot take anymore requests)


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Every image can be found here (its in alphabetical order by wordmark): http://cisprod.clarion.edu/~s_arsnelick/SIGS/sigs.php

Would anyone be interested in having a retro Super Bowl style endzone signature? I thought this kind of endzone style would look good as a signature (hence I've been using it in my signature for the past week or so). If anyone wants something in this style, let me know.

Also these are 763x140 pixels, but as I did, I combined two to get the full width out of the signature. If anyone thinks there can be improvements to the layout / dimensions / presentation of something like this, let me know what you think.








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First-off, thanks for the enthusiasm,I'm glad to see there is some interest.

I am very familiar with retro NFL styles, logos, and all that, and I shouldn't have any problems filling those requests. With college teams I might need a photo/link for reference, so I know what logos you want put on. I don't know much in the way of retro style logos and wordmarks for college teams, so I'll have to ask requests for those to be more specific. Thanks, and I'll get to work on these.

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I was able to fill all the NFL requests, but the college ones will take me a bit more time. I have a lot of work done already for many NFL teams because of the super bowl field database and the alternates super bowl fields that I've worked on.

I would definitely use an ECU or panthers one as my sig, they look awesome!

Since the Panthers missed this era of endzones, I used their oldest wordmark (only used in '95).


I would love to see a retro style Louisville and Colts sigs.

I went early-mid 70's in color. Also for the grey facemask instead of white.


eagles. muchas gracias!

This is what they had for Super Bowl XV


Penn state and Jaguars!

Like the Panthers, I just went to the '95 wordmark



I used AFC (I can change it if you want) because its in the 80's style. I also went with the blue facemask over silver, because the blue looked better IMO.


These are Fantastic! Cardinals please!

I used a Super Bowl VIII / IX style for this one, since they lost the NFC championship those years


Dolphins and Vanderbilt please!

I wasn't sure if you wanted 70's or 80's era, so here is both.

This is close to Super Bowl VIII


This is close to Super Bowl XIX


I'd love a Patriots one.

Close to Super Bowl XX


Can I get NortheRn Illinois with this logo


And the retro MAC logo on the other helmet?

Its on the list

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good idea. I would like to see what atlanta would look like

Okay. 70's / 80's, or 90's Super Bowl XXXIII style wordmark?

The conference helmets on the right look very strange, especially the Bengals one. If you did them in white with the facemask/stripe in conference colors (red for afc, blue for nfc) I think it would look a bit nicer. Nice work though! I love the retro look

I'll try something like that to see what it looks like. I'm doing these to be the same style as the Super Bowl endzones from SB VIII to SB XXVIII.

Awesome, thanks!

Yup, no problem

To make things easier, I have all of these in the same place on a different website, so here is the link: http://cisprod.clarion.edu/~s_arsnelick/SIGS/sigs.php

I'll put this link in the first post as well. It should cut down on duplicate requests.

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