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Oregon Ducks Baseball Uniforms


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So as the Final Four ends, it is officially (for me at least) baseball season. The other day I was watching a NCAA baseball game on ESPNU between the Oregon Ducks and their in-state rivals, Oregon State. All I could think of while watching the game was, how awful Oregon's uniforms were. They were pinstriped in front and solid in the back! For me I love a conservative and classy look for ball clubs, whether it's at the high school level, college level, or in the pros. But I get it, Oregon is crazy and since they have Nike in their back-yard, I thought I should mock up some uniforms that fuse together classy and Oregoness.

C&C much appreciated as usual.

Thanks for viewing.

Home Sets:


Away Sets:


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IMO there is a reason why Oregon has only really used the wing pattern on the football uniforms.. Because it doesn't look too good on anything else. I'd scrap the pattern, and your colors are a little too bright, mainly the apple green. Also, no pink. And no duck logos in the place of a front number.

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I understand the look you were going for, as close to the football uniforms as possible. But for a baseball set, it's hard to pull off the wings look. I think Upper hit the nail on the head with most of what he said. I do, however, love the throwback uniforms. Those look fantastic.

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