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nasl 1980 in 2015 by chipper12


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My new project is one in which i have taken 9 teams from the 1980 nasl series and brought them into 2015 with new nike kits (some logos have been updated too).The teams are.

1.Atlanta Chiefs

2.California Surf

3.Chicago Sting

4.Edmonton Drillers

5.Houston Hurricane

6.LA Aztecs

7.New England Teamen

8.Rochester Lancers

9.Toronto Blizzards


Kept the chief head of the logo. Kit features native indian patterns on the hoops on the top and down the back of the socks.

c&c much appreciated.

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Great idea for the thread. Taking the classic kits and putting a modern twist on 'em. Looking forward to this.

For the the Chiefs' kits, you might want to find some pattern more closely representing the Native Americans who live in Georgia (like the Cherokee). These patterns remind me more of the Navajo's art. I'm not an expert though. Do these patterns have any specific meaning? Some people like to slap random patterns on shirts which is a bit of appropriation (I'm not saying you did that; you might very well know more about this than me, I'm just throwing ideas out there).

But I definitely like the design you came up with. Chest stripes+pattern is great. The socks are a wonderful touch, as is nixing the wordmark on the logo and making it negative on the chest stripes.

You picked some of the best teams to do this with too.

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Woah, these are very well done. I like what you did to modernize the logos and how they integrate well with the new kits. nice job! I am interested to see how the rest turn out, especially Chicago! I am also curious your reasoning behind the designs, if any.

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