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the Seahawks uniforms are trash. there is no unity with each piece of the uniform except the color but the color palette and logo are 2 things they do have going for them, each being near the best in the NFL or all of sports for that matter. but the totem shape is treated so differently on each application it causes some visual chaos. the placement of the decal on the helmet is probably the dumbest idea because you can so clearly see it is a cheap decal. and then theres the atrocious number font.

my favorites:

1 - Falcons

2 - Packers

3 - Raiders

4 - Giants

5 - Colts

my least favorites:

32 - Buccaneers

31 - Jaguars

30 - Dolphins

29 - Seahawks

28 - Browns

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All-time top 5 in no particular order:

1980s-96 Broncos (especially when the lighting made the

1980s-96 Dolphins

Current Giants

late-90s-2002 Falcons (I hate their current look)

pre-2000 Rams (particularly when they wore white jerseys)

Current in no particular order:





Either Panthers or Seahawks depending on my mood

The Buccaneers' helmet (nothing else about them)

The Jaguars' rarely-used teal-over-black combo (if they moved to Vegas it'd be perfect)

Broncos' current orange jersey

The Bengals' helmet (wish their uniforms were as good)

Cowboys' color mismatch


The Eagles' "midnight green" (actually more blue than green in RGB color)

The Jets (they'd look better if they lightened their green a bit)

The Bills (they look good but not great, and could really stand to have a non-tapered helmet stripe)

Dolphins' faceless, helmetless logo and low-orange-content unis

Steelers (great helmet, boring uniforms)

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Top 5:

1. Packers

2. Ravens

3. Chiefs

4. Seahawks

5. Vikings

Bottom 5:

28. Buccaneers

29. Cardinals

30. Patriots

31. Bengals

32. Cowboys

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The Seahawks are a few simple tweaks* away from having a really good modern uniform set. As is, though, their uniforms are overdesigned and the end result is just kind of bleh.

*Get rid of the feather pattern on the helmet and numbers, make the home numbers white. Switch to a number font that isn't awful. Add a green outline to the shoulder numbers and NOB. Make the sleeve stripe actually stop at the sleeve. Make the part of the sleeve stripe that's green on the home jersey green on the road whites too. Make the feather pattern on the gray and white pants green.

Okay, that might be more than a few tweaks, but you get my point. The basic idea of the Seahawks' uniform is good, but it's ruined by a total lack of restraint.

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Seahawks uniforms? Fine.

Seahawks monochrome uniforms? Garbage.

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80s Oilers

80s Eagles

80s Falcons

80s Rams

90s Chargers

Do you mean these 80s Eagles?


Nah, I liked the Cunningham Eagles.

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