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Decided to try a rebrand for a team not far away from where I live.

The Dust Devils are a Single-A Short Season affiliate of the Colorado Rockies. They play in the Northwest League.

Current logo:


My revision:


It's not done yet, but let me what you think. A full logo sheet and uniforms soon to come.

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Right now it's just a T and a C, which is fine for an alternate logo. I feel like you need to incorporate something that has to do tornadoes (or dust storm, whatever it is) into it.

This. Because it's minor-league, and minor-league baseball has a different aesthetic from major-league.

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Try to make the "T" with vertical line symmetry, and make the "C" with horizontal line symmetry. Right now they are not symmetrical.

Also, there is a white outline where the "C" overlaps the "T", but no outline where the "T" overlaps the "C". I'd suggest making the outline consistent.

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