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BigRed's MLB and More (Brooklyn Added, Series Complete!)


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I'm in the mood for some baseball concepts now. I've made some before, but I'm going to put it all in one thread. I'm going to try to think of fresh, outside-the-box ideas for these teams, the same way I shook up the NHL not long ago.

First, a list of the teams I plan on doing, in no particular order. Teams marked with an * are ones I've already done.

AL East

* New York Yankees

* Boston Red Sox

* Tampa Bay Rays

* Baltimore Orioles

* Toronto Blue Jays

AL Central

* Chicago White Sox

* Kansas City Royals

* Cleveland Indians

* Detroit Tigers

* Minnesota Twins

AL West

* Seattle Mariners

* Oakland Athletics

* Houston Astros

* Texas Rangers

* Los Angeles Angels

NL East

* New York Mets

* Philadelphia Phillies

* Miami Marlins

* Atlanta Braves

* Washington Nationals

NL Central

* St. Louis Cardinals

* Chicago Cubs

* Cincinnati Reds

* Milwaukee Brewers

* Pittsburgh Pirates

NL West

* Los Angeles Dodgers

* San Francisco Giants

* Arizona Diamondbacks

* San Diego Padres

* Colorado Rockies

Extra (defunct, fantasy, etc.)

XL East

* Brooklyn Blue Sox

* Montreal Expos

* Louisville Grays

* Carolina Triangles

XL Central

* New Orleans Crescents

* St. Louis Browns

* Iowa Pups

* Club América

XL West

* CD Guadalajara

* Vancouver Maroons

* Hawai'i Islanders

* Portland Beavers

And without further ado, Here are my first two concepts, starting with both NY teams.



I went with placard piping to differentiate them from the Yankees. I tried out a multi-color version of their cap logo, and a new mascot logo, inspired by Lady Liberty. It's hard to imagine a mens' team with a female mascot, but it can be pulled off. Just ask the ORIX Buffaloes.



As I've said about the Red Wings, the Evil Empire have a fine look as they are, but the organisation and the fans are viciously resistant to any change, evolution, or even variation in their identity. With my Yankees concept, I hope to show that you can have a little fun with your look without ruining your precious traditions.

The home is mostly untouched, except that I have replaced the crest logo with the one used on their caps. No sense having more than one version of the same logo. The road has no white, but there is now a small player's number on the front of the pants. The alternates are where I really stick it to the man. The home alt is closely based on an unused jersey that would've been used for the 1973 season. The white cap is mainly for color balance. The road alt is an homage to the team's heroic age, and is heavily inspired by this...


I might catch hell for this, but I don't care. To me, nothing is untouchable.

That's about it for now. Let's hear your thoughts.

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Nothing major. I just added an alternate jersey, bringing back the classic script "New York." I'm also trying to get a pattern going to where I do an NL team, then an AL team, then back to NL, etc. Since the last team I did was the Yankees, I'm doing the Cubs next. I'm working on a new primary for them, but I need your help with this. Which of these look better?


I'm leaning toward the red letters personally since it relates to the C better. What do you think?

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Since the Marlins no longer want to be the teal team, maybe the M's could pull it off. The hats, the wordmarks, even the road uniform is teal. You'll also notice that the Compass Rose no longer appears on either wordmark or the cap logo. I figured the logo would have more of an impact, if that makes any sense, if it didn't show up everywhere. C&C appreciated.

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Like most people, I too had my complaints about the Marlins' new look. The wordmarks are a mess, the colors have been done to death, the one thing I did like was the new way the fish was drawn, so I built my concept around that. As you can see, I designed a new primary, which is found on their sleeves as well as the caps. The colors are now a much more appropriate teal and orange, and the wordmarks are simplified versions of what they have now.

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I'm personally not a fan for the powder blue away set, but I prefer gray to the '70s styles every day of the week. The blues are too close, so if you don't want to use gray, at least lighten up the blue and make it a bit more gray.

I like the new primary, but the marlin gets lost on the orange hat. Maybe make the front panel white or add a thicker white outline

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