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South Australian Rugby League redesign

El Scorcho

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I created this concept series for another forum, but I thought i'd post it here as well, as we don't see too much rugby based design. I'm not really a rugby league fan myself, but i'm really interested in the design of their jerseys.

The South Australian Rugby League is a league that currently exists, but i thought i'd have a go at redesigning it from scratch. All new teams, and trying to stay as far away from existing designs or NRL designs as I could, so it would be a bit different.

League Logo:

The yellow shape is a stylised outline of South Australia.


First team, representing the North Eastern suburbs of Adelaide, the Modbury Tigers


Next, representing the Southern Suburbs, the Southern Vikings


Representing the City of Adelaide and surrounding suburbs, the Adelaide City Elephants


Representing the western suburbs and beaches, the Western Blaze


Representing the northern suburbs, the Playford Stallions


Representing the Adelaide hills region, the Hills Kangaroos


Representing the eastern suburbs, the Eastern Suburbs Bears


And finally, representing the Port Adelaide area, the Port Adelaide Dolphins


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The football in the logo is an Aussie rules ball not a Rugby League one.

Other than that i like all the uniforms.

Agree! I did actually use an Australian Rules footy i'd made up earlier.

What made me think I could get away with it was these two images:


I know rugby league balls were never red though, based on what I can tell they were a brown or tan colour before they adopted white.

I was hesitant to use it in red because I thought it looked too much like an Aussie Rules footy, but I couldn't get the colours to work well any other way

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Yes the Rugby League of old did use balls that had the stitching in it but they are more like a grid iron ball now, not as much as the union ones though.


They still use the stitches for some unknown reason, the old logos have all changed though.


Here's your SA one.


Visit Galahs for a look.

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