International Soccer kit designs

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Yeah, I can see them now, not last night though. It must have been a problem with my computer. And the kits are stellar! Very, very good! Thank you!

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Home kit- all white, with black accents. on the jersey I went with a look similar to the iconic 1990 kit that is probably one of the best kits of all time

Away kit- all black with yellow and red accents

Third kit- traditional green top with white shorts, dark green hoops


First of all, great concepts, all of them. Awesome work!

Just my two cents on Germany: I like what you were doing here. But I would make the green kit the normal away jersey and use the black one as a third. Of course, for some time black and red away kits have been reality but I am still in favour of the traditional green one. And speaking of tradition, please use black shorts on the white home kit. :D It's just the way the German national team is supposed to look. But now, what with the World Cup victory and all, I am afraid the white shorts won't go anywhere soon...

well they really havent worn green since 2012 euro's and that has been the only green kit since 2002, so the green is definitely a dying kit. So it will remain the third, and then in terms of the shorts, I did struggle with what shorts to what top, but I went with the fifa rules and did all black and all white. so while i respect your opinion, I'm gonna have to say no to both those ideas.

Okay, I see your reasoning. Thanks for taking the time to reply and explain it to me. ;)

Spectacular designs, all of them!

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