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Dallas Mavericks concept (recolor/unis) UPDATED VERSION

Western Michigan

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I tried to do a Mavs concept in the past, but it wasn't my best work. After some new ideas and reconsideration, I think I've finally got it.

For this concept, I'm bringing back green, a Mavs original color. I did a simple recolor of their current logo, because I think it is a good looking logo that looks even better with my colors.



I decided to whip up a new alternate logo featuring the state of Texas outline. I think the three Texas NBA teams really fail to put out a brand that says "Texas". Unless they've made an agreement to not use the Texas outline, I think this logo would be a fan favorite. Because Texans seem to love being from Texas more than anything.


As for the uniforms, I kept them pretty plain for the most part.

Home: T1F2jaZ.png

Road: fBgARnH.png

I took inspiration from the Mavs skyline alternate coming out next year to make my alternate.

Alt: 4mZcqqT.png

I'm not really sure if I like the fact that there is no uniform that says "Mavericks" on the front, but Dallas is a big market and marketing "Dallas" over "Mavericks" might be a smart move. I may introduce a sleeved silver uniform with "Mavs" on the front.

Let me know what you think! Feel free to compare them to my previous try.

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I like the logo. I am just not sure about that alt uniform. It might be a little too much green and I'm not sure about the sleeves. I also think at least one should say "Mavs" or "Mavericks" on the front. Love the wordmark though...

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I would center the numbers on the home and road jerseys. The off-center numbers look good when text is angled or slanted, but with straight text, I think centered numbers would look better. I also think that if you outline the wordmark, you should also give the numbers outlines.

I do like the green and the new font (except for the K).

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- The font choice for your wordmark is interesting, but some of the letters are confusing. The first time I saw this concept, the K in MAVERICKS looked more like an H, making it read like MAVERICHS. I would consider a different font with the same feel or modifying the K.

- Staying on the topic of the wordmark, you've got to do more with it than just type out "DALLAS MAVERICKS" over two centered lines. Look at other wordmarks; the vast majority of the time, there's some sort of variation, whether the city name is smaller than the team nickname or even some letters are larger than others.

- I don't mind having the home and away jerseys with "DALLAS" on the front, considering that's what the Mavs currently do, but I feel like at least one in their set should have "MAVERICKS" or "MAVS".

- It's a weird juxtaposition between the logos and the uniforms. You've got an ultra-modern logo and a fairly modern wordmark with some traditional touches, and then you've uniforms that are plain as plain can be. The elements just doesn't seem to jive together in the whole set. I think you've got to go more modern with the uniforms, and I think there are some cool possibilities to bring in some elements from the logo or the wordmark.

- I don't think there's quite enough contrast between the shades of green and blue that you've chosen, and the green numbers don't show up very well on a blue background. In these cases, I think you need a white outline to really set them off.

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Thanks everyone for the feedback! Since most of you didn't hate the first edition, I've kept it the same but added some side piping on the home and away unis.

As fair warning, I lack lots of creativity when it comes to side piping. New ideas are welcome...

Here's what I whipped up...

Home: vKEZv5x.png

Away: wxXiRZm.png

I wanted to use a star on the side because of the nod to the state of Texas in my set, with "Dallas" on the front and using Texas on the belt. I wanted a modern look, so I went with a stripe that fades out. I hate uniforms with big striping all the way down the sides, so I stopped it midway.

For the alternate, to the displeasure of many of you, and Dirk Nowitzki himself, the sleeves are here to stay. I like the sleeves, and so does Adidas.

Alt: lx4TOFv.png

New to the set is a silver alternate. I wasn't sure, and neither were some of you, about having "Dallas" on every uniform.

Alt 2: UttMHeD.png

As for the logo, I fixed the K in Mavericks and I think it looks better. I realize it is very minimal, just "Dallas Mavericks" in centered text, but it is a nod to the Mavs' throwback primary logo.

Logo: ohpNESJ.png

Let me know what you guys think of the updated set.

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MFFL here. Absolutely love the latest version. Only change I would possibly make is on the blue set, make the front number white to make it stand out a little more. Possibly the wordmark white with green outline too. I can go with it as is though. The white set is simply perfect. Love the new primary logo (I think all Mavs fans want to see this happen) and the wordmark is great too. As far as the secondary logo, I think a cowboy hat on the Texas panhandle could look good to tie in the club history full circle with the green. It may gum up the sharp edges however, but I would say see how it looks? Well done.

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