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Monument Valley High School Logo Concept (Starting Block)


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Is that Monument Valley high school, Arizona?

First thing I noticed: MONUMENT, VALLEY and Est. 1958 aren't centered. In your case the next needs to be centered, so you should always activate the centered alignment setting for text in Illustrator, Photoshop etc.

I would also type "Est." in capitals to get more unity, increase the spacing in between all the letters a little and reduce the font size of the entire text in the logo, also a little.

"EST. 1958": I think it doesn't need to be that big. You can easily downsize it because it kind of distracts a little too much from the rest of the text. You could also toy with the idea of completely leaving it out. In return, you could enlarge "MONUMENT VALLEY". If it's Monument Valley high school, then I would also consider replacing "EST.1958" with "HIGH SCHOOL", again using smaller letters.

I like the simplicity of the logo. You're using the ARZ Coyotes colors which look great, but maybe you could make your own color scheme that's still close to the Coyotes colors, but not that close – just for the sake of originality. The rendition of the butte is nicely done, not overly detailed.

All in all, I like it. Get the text in order and this is going to be a simple, but good looking logo.

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Yeah, this looks like it's for the High School. I think you should indicate that. You could even move the text into the border around the roundel.

I'd agree. Its a great start but it lacks something. And what's the team name?

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