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Don Bosco (Indonesia) Alumni Basketball Uniform and Logo


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Hi Guys,

Recently, my high school alumni basketball teammates has assigned me to design our new uniform.

We will be competing in a small league (in Jakarta, Indonesia) that'll pitted us with other high school alumni, mostly it just us 34-43 yo guys playing ball, reliving our teenage days :lol:

This is actually my first experience in designing uniform/apparel and boy, was I lucky to came across this forum to get mock ups and most importantly, ideas.

Long story short, I came up with one design that combine Nets, Spurs and Raptors uniform. I also tried to make the logo as simple as possible, just because logo development has never really been my forte.

Kindly let me know what you guys think, any kind of feedback will be greatly appreciated.



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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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