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Bombers Baseball (Roundel Help!)

SiLeNt WaVe

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Been messing around with this the last few days and I'm at a standstill (stuck more like it). Originally I liked the idea of the roundel baseball to be the focal point, but I got to thinking it actually needed more in the "bomber" aspect. The one thing I don't want to use is the outline of a bomber plane. I think that's been done and the ones out there are great. I'm thinking an actual bomb outline or something along those lines.

C&C is appreciated, and thoughts of where I should take it next would be helpful. Just keep in mind that it was done in about 3 hours, so I know nothing is perfect and there are a few mistakes in there. Got the idea and plugged it in before I lost it in my mind. Thanks!



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Just in case you're interested, here's a logo used by the Tri-City Americans (WHL).


Your idea seems to line up pretty well with their design. In my opinion, it doesn't look like there's much interesting going on that makes the Americans logo. Same goes for your logo (right now at least). I think the "wings" concept could work, but I think it'll take a lot of creativity and ingenuity to make it look good.

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I had never seen that logo before. But it is pretty bad. I can maybe see why they wanted to center the star up in the I in AMERICANS but it throws the whole word off center. And it looks like everything was just pasted in.

And again like I said, I put mine together in a few hours with an idea I had in my head. Never put anything to paper just went straight to illustrator. So yes there is more work to be done.

Thought about using a fuse in the baseball for bomb aspect but I feel it'd be too cartoonish. Another idea I had was to make the wings look like baseball bats.

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Never even thought of the propeller idea.

I'd like to do something as far as a cap logo, like an interlocking set of letters. The idea was based around Montana Bombers (mainly the fire bombers based in Missoula) so an MB would be considered. Only problem is Milwaukee used one back in the day so something original would be tough.


Here's a quick mockup of the MB I was considering.



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I really like the tertiary's. Main is alright. I feel like the "plane" aspect needs to be shrank a little more. And it may be just me, but the rounded ball/wings make it contrast and feel a little weird with non-rounded text, if that makes sense.

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