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I'll be posting concepts I've been working on in this thread. I tried to make at least a few significant changes to each team's uniforms but there were some that I simply couldn't change outside of a few tweaks here and there. I know that the NFL has a "one helmet" rule, but I decided to ignore that for these designs. Teams will typically have two helmets (one that goes with their home and away uniform and one for their alternate set). Criticism and advice is always welcome.

Thanks for reading and first up is the Titans.

I've heard rumors that Tennessee plans on switching to dark blue as their primary home jersey, so I set their dark blue set as their home and their light blue one as their alternate.







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I'd have them wear light blue socks with the dark blue pants and the dark socks with the light pants. And I'd add an outline to those numbers, they're pretty hard to read as is.

Thanks! I'll definitely try out light blue socks and a number outline.

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The helmet stripes look incongruous on the different views of the helmet. On the front-facing guy, the stripes are close together; on the rear-view, the stripes are pretty far apart. Or do they flare apart?

Haha, no that's just my mistake. Thanks for letting me know.

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I like the number font for the Saints, but I'm not feelin' the love for the Titans' number font. It looks too much like the digital clock numbers of the Buccaneers. I have something in mind that I think might work. I will send it through a message on this site and you can decide if you like it or not. I noticed that you are a new member and I just wanted you to know that posting your own work to another person's thread is frowned on.

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Guest darkpiranha

Interesting stuff so far, but agreed that the watermark is distracting and unnecessary and makes you look like a paranoid rookie. No one is going to steal your design. And if anyone DOES want to steal it, as has been shown numerous times on this site, even people with zero to little design skill can easily copy or recreate a design they see here. Put your info somewhere on the edges or in a frame if you really feel strongly about it.

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