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Unused Logos and Uniforms

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3 hours ago, Wentz2Jeffery said:

Saw this on google images, Bucs alarm clock uniforms with the current block styled numbers, I have no idea how legit this is or if it’s a mistake by NFL Shop or whatever, I highly doubt this was ever a prototype or an idea but who knows spacer.png


This shows just how much of an effect the alarm clock numbers had on the uniform as a whole.


The jersey (at least standing alone) isn't bad with block numbers.  The only real problem is the logo/wordmark mismatch on the sleeves.

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On 1/25/2021 at 12:26 PM, Lights Out said:

Interesting prototypes for the Hawks and Bucks:




Still a downgrade from the Irish Rainbows, but at least this is reasonably consistent with their traditional identity. Those are the colors of their classic logo.

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5 hours ago, Lights Out said:


Regardless, it looks a lot better than the crap they're currently wearing.

I'd disagree. That above design would have been really fun at the time but it would have been dated by 2002. What they're wearing now is pretty timeless. 

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On 1/25/2021 at 12:28 PM, Lights Out said:

Apparently the Cavs were going to have a powder blue alternate at some point in the pre-LeBron era:





That should have been the away uniform instead. 

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