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Concerning Political Logos in Signature and Avatar Spaces

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After a lengthy discussion the moderating team has come to the decision to ban the use of political logos and slogans in member signature and avatar spaces.

While we do have a "no politics" policy we do believe in bending it where acceptable, so long as members are able to hold themselves to a civilized standard.

We have decided that displaying the logos and/or slogans of political candidates does NOT follow in that spirit. This is Chris Creamer's Sports Logos Community, after all. Everything outside the realm of sports aesthetics is a bonus, and that includes politics. There are plenty of politically-oriented message boards out there should you feel the need to advertise to the world who you plan on voting for. Or just buy a bumper sticker. Go wild. This, however, isn't the venue for that sort of promotion.

We thank you all for your expected cooperation.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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