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NCAA Basketball Court Concepts (All Teams and Conferences DONE)


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the pirates just aren't working for me, with the whole "blackout" scheme we have worn for past 2 years it seems like yellow is a tertiary color now and the baseline should be inverted+black

Now for this part, the big Mustang on SMU just seems like waaaaaayyy too much for what is already a pretty full court. And I agree with ECUFan on what he said. And I also really love the Cougars inside the paint for Houston,

I haven't really seen any black used for ECU basketball (I know they have a black football uniform). According to ColorWerx, purple and yellow are their only athletics colors


Broncoboy, I'm not sure what you mean by your SMU comment. I didn't include a colored paint or that much else so it wouldn't look busy or overdone. If you think that court is way too much, then apparently you haven't seen that many of current NCAA courts and you might have a heart attack with some of the courts coming up.

ECUfan and Broncoboy, while I appreciate the c&c guys, (I hope you don't take this the wrong way) the 2 of you haven't been members of this form for a long time yet. So from now on I'm not necessarily going to listen to everything you say compared to other members that are known for giving great c&c. I'm not saying I won't read your comments but I'm not going to go back to edit every court you make comments on.

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Um..sorry if i'm being rude but this is their court

I get that, but its not like its being used as a primary (or even a secondary) school color. It's just used as a supporting color. I didn't feel it was a necessary color to add. It's still barely used on their court. They could have easily have made the entire out-of-bounds area purple. I get that you're an ECU fan so you're going to care more about what I do with them compared to other schools, but this is still my concept and I'm going to do was I think works/looks best.

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That UNF logo is awesomesauce. Is that an actual logo used by the university? I haven't seen it on their logo page...

Yes, it was released last year with their athletics brand update. I haven't seen it used often by the school but I thought it looked great at mid-court.

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For the most part, they're good, but need some changes. The baselines all have school names and nicknames on the same sides, and tone down the state outlines!

Sooooooooo maaaaaannnnnyyyy state outlines.

To GoGamecocks point about the baselines, most courts are that way. Either they have the school/city name on the left and the nickname on the right or the full name is on both sides.

To both of your points about the state outlines, I'm a fan of using state outlines with states that have unique and memorable shapes. It just happens to be that a lot of those states are in the Midwest/Great Lakes area (Big Ten region). So just a heads up, the 2nd half on the Big Ten will also a few more state outlines. I also just checked the rest of the courts I have done and I don't think I have more than 5 courts that have state outlines (I have 12 more conferences already done, that's over 100 courts).

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Illinois is gorgeous. But, I'm not really a fan of the state flag in the paint on Maryland's.

Yeah, that didn't really turnout as good as I hoped. I wanted to incorporate the flag into the court somehow because they use it so much in their athletic branding. I think I got another idea that might work for them.

If you don't mind, do you have your court template available to download?


It's DarthBrook's template. I've made a few changes to it but here's the link to his version.

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