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NCAA Basketball Court Concepts (All Teams and Conferences DONE)


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I like how you made the paint scarlet for DePaul and got rid of most of the black, as their school colors are royal blue and scarlet. I think the front facing Blue Demon head with DePaul would make a better center court logo as DePaul's primary logo is way too busy.

Creighton is the Bluejays, not BlueJays or Blue Jays.

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The Northern Kentucky Norse will be in the Horizon League as of July 1, 2015, giving the Atlantic Sun Conference only 7 schools and the Horizon League 10 schools. Butler University (Big East) and Loyola University Chicago (Missouri Valley) were replaced with Oakland University (Summit) and Northern Kentucky University (A-Sun). Definitely not an even trade. The Horizon League should add Belmont University from the Ohio Valley Conference and either UMKC, IUPUI, Lipscomb (crosstown rival), Nebraska-Omaha, Southern Illinois Edwardsville, IPFW, or Evansville (unlikely) to get to 12 schools. Murray State, Morehead State, and Robert Morris (PA) both have Division I FCS football teams. Still don't get why UMKC left the Summit League for the WAC.

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Marquette uses a gold MU without the word mark at center court.

These are concepts, not recreations, so he can put the MU however he pleases. Also know that this is not the forum to post your beliefs on conference realignment, thats over in the general forums. I get you're new, so I understand it, but just know that for the future.

To the actual reason I opened this forum, the courts. I think that the Hawaii court is a little lopsided on the baselines, having a short name like Hawaii on one side and Rainbow Warriors on the other with both in the same size fonts makes for some serious lack of balance. The only other thing I have to say is that courts don't require the NCAA logo on top, but good job staying consistent with that. Like what you've done so far, good luck with the rest of the series.

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Court Updates (1/2)

I think that you should include argyle somehow in North Carolina's.

Maybe on the baselines?

Added argyle.


Ohio State Uses a Different logo now, I actually like the state outlines

Added current logo.




Here is the current logo that Indiana uses on their court


Added current logo.


Is that the K-State font???
On the baselines

Updated font.


I wished there was something more for marquette

2 less boring updates plus TVIXX's request for the eagle logo at center court. Court design based off MECCA design. Marquette played on the MECCA court from 1977 to 1988.




I like the design for Eastern Washington but I think the font is very generic. Other than that it looks great. (EDIT) didn't read the description my bad. Good job what so ever

Updated font.


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Court Updates (2/2)

Northern Colorado Bears

Added new logos, wordmarks, and colors.


Portland St Vikings

Updated font and shade of green.


Rutgers Scarlet Knights

Removed state outline.


Butler Bulldogs

Added new logo and wordmark.


Hawaii Rainbow Warriors

Added rainbow to sidelines, added state outline, and moved wordmarks around.


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As of July 1, 2015, Northern Kentucky University will be in the Horizon League (replacing Loyola University Chicago) and the New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT) will replace them in the Atlantic Sun Conference and will be the sole Northern school in the A-Sun.

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