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Star Based Championship Signatures


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Hey you forgot 2015 to AL East ;):upside:

Can you add 2015 to the Texas Rangers one and change the division and wildcard stars to blue?

I was wondering if you could do an updated Toronto Blue Jays with the AL East of 2015? thank you

MLB Postseason Updates!








(version 1)


(version 2)



1. Denver Nuggets (Asterix777) (I'll find the updated wordmark some way so that you can finally get your signature)

2. Buffalo Bills (llfhockey)

3. Buffalo Buffalo Bandits (llfhockey)

4. San Jose Sharks (CodeG)

5. Oklahoma City Thunder (CodeG and Steelman)

6. Pittsburgh Steelers (Steelman)

7. Hamilton Tiger-Cats (Canuckleball)

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The Nuggets, Avalanche, Rapids, and Dortmund, Please


(That was the best I could do, you can tell that I couldn't find a large enough "NUGGETS" which is why the U, G, T, and S look pretty crappy)

could you do a bills one

OO and a bandits one please?

Buffalo Bandits NLL




1. San Jose Sharks (CodeG)

2. Oklahoma City Thunder (CodeG and Steelman)

3. Pittsburgh Steelers (Steelman)

4. Hamilton Tiger-Cats (Canuckleball)

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I was curious if you would do a San José Sharks one, even tho they haven't been in a championship

Edit: and Oklahoma City Thunder



Can you kindly make ond for the Pittsburgh Steelers?

And I'll second the OKC Thunder as well.

Great work!



Could I get a Hamilton Tiger-Cats one? Black background, with all 15 Grey Cups?

1. Hamilton Tiger-Cats (Canuckleball) This is taking a while trying to clearly determine all the years and division names and organization names. I'm going to do only the 14 Grey Cups that the Hamilton Tigers, Hamilton Wildcats, and Hamilton Tiger-Cats won because the Hamilton Alerts weren't tied to these organizations at all. I also am not going to do a black background, I'm going to do a yellow background, because if it was black, then the texture would be lost.

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  • 3 weeks later...

I'm going to give you guys a rather much needed update. Thanksgiving is coming, so as a result, I am the busiest because all the midterms and projects are due before Thanksgiving break. As a result, all my requests have been on hold for past couple of weeks. I haven't forgotten about you guys; this has just been on the back burner. I appreciate your continuing patience and support!

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Could I get a Hamilton Tiger-Cats one? Black background, with all 15 Grey Cups?


Can i get a North Dakota hockey (NCAA) ? sorry for all the request you have my favourite sigs on this site lol


When you do get back, I'd love to have ones for the Cleveland Browns, Columbus Crew, and Columbus Blue Jackets if you could? :)




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