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76ers new logo(s) and uniforms


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I'm not as enamored with the Sixers' new set as everyone else. I've already talked about why several pages back.

I also find it difficult to compare designs that are so different in intention. Obviously, Milwakee and Philly wanted to be conservative and a nod to past designs. Therefore, it's better to rank them in two groups: conservative and radical.


1. Milwaukee (by far)

2. Philly


1. Atlanta

2. LA

If I had to group all for, it's Bucks, Hawks, 76ers, Clippers.

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I'm late to seeing these, but now that I have seen them...easily my favorite of the new unveilings this off-season.

I know many people detest, loathe, abhor, or whatever other applicable synonym for "hate" one wants to use, the single-color titles and numbers, but I really feel it works here. It adds a crispness to this set and at any rate also makes for better legibility. Plus with a color scheme as basic as this one, it's even more appropriate, as it lends even more of an old-school aesthetic to what's obviously a relic of such.

Switching from that...if not for people pointing out the fourth star down the right side of the jerseys, I'd have probably never noticed it--that's how you hide meaning in something. And as someone pointed out, from left to right the stars read as "7" and "6", and from top to bottom they read the same way. Plus 7+6 = 13. 13 colonies. That's some design genius right there.

I really wish the home jerseys would read "SIXERS", but I can understand why they're thrusting the throwback relic "PHILA" into the spotlight. I can live with it.

The only negative I see is with the inconcistency on the shorts side panels...they should've kept that detail on the reds the same as the other two.

All in all, 4.76 stars out of 5. :P

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