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Updating the current Cleveland Indians Uniforms


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I thought of updating the current Indians uniforms to reflect on combining the glory days of the mid 90's with the present with this home and away set and not to mention this is my 1st ever concept tbh and I'll go through the changes, So tell me what you think? I'll add the alternates at a later date

First the home uniform:

Hat: Remains the same

Jersey: All the blue piping around the neck and sleeves have been changed from blue to red, the script remains unchanged.

Undershirt: Undershirt's would be red to match the red scheme of the uniform.

Pants/Belt: The pants would be worn with a red belt and added the red/blue stripe down the pant legs similar to the mid 90's uniform.

Socks/Shoes: Socks and shoes will be red to go with the red scheme of the uniform.

Away Uniform:

Hat: Remains unchanged

Jersey: Remains unchanged

Undershirt: Remains unchanged

Pants/Belt: Belt remains blue. a red stripe is added next to the blue stripe down the pant leg to match the home set and the classic mid 90's era pants.

Socks/Shoes: Remain unchanged.

Alternate Weekend Home:

Hat: The hat goes from all red to blue with red bill with the block C logo outlined in white

Jersey: Remains unchanged

Undershirt: Remains unchanged

Pants/Belt: belt remains unchanged, the pant stripe goes from blue to red

Socks/Cleats: Remains unchanged

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