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Another league full of ripoffs (GMHL)


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Chris just posted the Greater Metro Junior A Hockey League logos on the mothership, and there are some blatant ripoffs of CCSLC artists amongst them.

Colborne Chiefs (Fraser Davidson)



Colborne Cramahe Hawks- Mike Pho3nix


(Mike will be quick to note that he has sold the rights to this logo to another team, and that he is not being ripped off, but rather the team that he sold it to is)

There are also a ton of teams being ripped off, including the Alaska Aces, Thornhill Rattlers, New York Islanders, Phoenix Coyotes, Detroit Gladiators, and others

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I'm just posting links and not images, but adding to the list, the Shelburne Sharks appear to be using a cleaner version of the Nova University Sharks logo.



Although I don't know it's origins, I'm pretty sure the logo the Bradford Bulls are using is not original. It's been the top result for "bull logo" on Google for a while.


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