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Philadelphia Sixers

Lights Out

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With the new logo package, I figured it was worth making a concept.


- More interesting wordmarks that match the Sixers' font.

- Number font that matches the Sixers' identity.

- Secondary logo on shorts, tertiary logo frames the front numbers.

- I thought the old shimmery star-pattern fabric that the Magic used to use would be perfect for the Sixers.

- The rest of the uniform is simple in order to not be too overbearing.

- Fauxback with the Iverson-era colors.


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These are pretty solid, and look like something that the Sixers should go to. I think that the stars do need to become a larger part of the brand. Great job! :wow:

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This is what I'm talking about!!!! A rebrand with a classic look but modern twist. Excellent job. 8.5/10 would give an extra point if you had outlines on the wordmarks and/or numbers.

This, exactly. Love the unis, but I prefer outlines on the wordmark/number as well.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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