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2015/16 International Football


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Yeah... I don't think anyone expected a win. We were hopeful for an upset, but this was just terrible all around.


Yes, Argentina is the better team. Outclassed the USMNT all over the field. Every Argentina first touch was better than any US touch on the night. I can accept that Argentina is superior.


What we can't and shouldn't accept are the tactical mistakes by Jurgen and the lackluster play by everyone out there. Yes, we were hamstrung by the suspensions, but Wondo was a bad choice. Not only a bad choice, but he played terribly. Waiting until half for Pulisic was probably bad, not that he did anything when he came in, but Pulisic or Wondo, I choose Wondo. Jurgen had already made his bed with Guzan, so that choice is what it is, but he definitely misplayed that opening goal. Argentina was going to score plenty with or without that one, but a goal that early killed any emotion or hope the USMNT and the crowd had.


Argentina is the better team. Hands down. Messi is just truly unreal. But the USMNT should and could have been better.


Anyways, it's all gravy. Let's see if we can't pull something out in the 3rd Place Match. #IBelieve

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^Absolutely. Was tonight a disappointment? Totally. But the semifinals of a tournament with some of the best countries in the world is nothing to sneeze at. 

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9 minutes ago, kroywen said:

(Very) small consolation: USA finished top of all the North American teams in this tournament. Embarrassing finish, but at least we made it this far, right?

If not for a good track back from Yedlin, a good save from Guzan, and a few offside calls, this would have been a lot worse. US "only" lost 4-0, but this could've been as bad as Mexico-Chile.

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16 minutes ago, SabresRule7361 said:

Death, taxes, and Argentina not winning the big one in soccer.


I get the same feeling watching them when it matters as the Dodgers in the playoffs behind Kershaw.


They're both well overdue for some form of team greatness... alas, meh.

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From ESPN:


Doug McIntyre ESPN Staff Writer 


BREAKING: Lionel Messi says he's retiring from international soccer following Argentina's shootout loss -- in which he missed his spot kick -- to Chile in Sunday's Copa America final. It's Messi's third straight defeat in the final of a major tournament (Copa America or World Cup) and fourth overall. More to come...




I mean, he has to, doesn't he? That was a brutal loss tonight; Messi was sheet white after Chile won. I can't imagine the pressure on him from his country, but he sure looked like he cracked underneath it.

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3 hours ago, Cujo said:


Is that why all the other stars on the team are also "retiring"? :therock:

The Argentine football federation is in really rough shape and earlier this month, the government intervened to stop board elections scheduled for this week. 


FIFA may temporally suspend the federation this afternoon but they have taken over its operation due to the federation's president being charged with fraud last Thursday.


And today, the HQ reported a bomb threat

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9 hours ago, Crabcake47 said:

Sounds like a pretty pettish excuse.

From what I've heard, Argentinians  don't love Messi because they view him as someone who is completely detached from the brand of football that they want, from their values. he's never played in the primera division, and for them to be esteemed you beings able to assert yourself on the domestic scene, either in the primera or with the NT,  is more important than anything Messi can do in Europe. He went to europe so young that his main objectives were Champions Leagues and European trophies, while for most player until his age winning the Copa Libertadores was still their career goal, because Argentinians view european football as rich, but soulless. So messi became the poster boy for young kids being bought by European teams before they ever got tested in Argentina, and he's kind of a foreign object there. Add to that that he doesn't show "garra" and that he's not a "player of the people" like Maradona was, and it's easy to see why in  Argentina he isn't regarded on the same level of Maradona or even Carlos tevez.


but if he had managed to win something with Argentina he would have proven himself on the highest stage, so the criticism would have mostly gone away. Being able to handle criticism and losses is part of what superstars do, I'm sorry but this action really makes it seem that if it wasn't for the perfect conditions he found in Barcelona, he wouldn't have had the same level of success. It looks like criticism and pressure really get to him, but I'm sorry, every football player EVER has always been criticized for something or another

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