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Royals Kansas City Monarchs Themed ALT Uni


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The Royals every year wear an old Monarchs Uniform. Last year during the playoffs there was a fan push to see on in the playoffs or World Series but I guess that is not allowed. So, my idea is to make an ALT uni in Royals colors of an old Monarchs uni

Here is the link to all of the options I did a few different styles as well as the ones below



This is one of the KC uniforms I thought would be best to use since it only says K C not Monarchs



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Quite frankly, I'm not a fan of it.

The current KC primary logo shouldn't be on the sleeve for two reasons: Firstly, there's no actual historic link to the Kansas City Royals. The Negro League Monarchs were disbanded in 1965 while the MLB Royals were founded in 1969. Secondly, because you have three different shades of blue, plus gold. The "KC"-heart logo is actually of a fourth shade of blue because it's darker than the one used for the letters, numbers and the collar.

It should definitely say "Monarchs", because it's the team name of the longest-running franchise in the Negro Baseball League back then. Ignoring that means kind of missing the point.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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