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Big League "City & Town" Custom FB Cover Photos (L.A. Rams)


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Like my College "City & Town" Custom FB Cover Photos thread, I decided to make custom facebook covers for the pros. All of these will feature cities/states with the 5 Major Pro Sports leagues (plus CFL for Canada) and I will take some requests.

They will have the same concept, but it will look a little different from the college covers. You'll see.

Here's the "schedule":

Even though I'm doing the 5 Major Sports + 1 for North America, I don't mind throwing in Arena Football and WNBA or any sports league from around the world. Feel free to send requests and not just for the team, but also for any background photos (along with the league logo and wordmark) you have.

I'll begin posting later today.

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^^^ I got ya covered. It's "Tennessee"


Williams Street


Downtown Atlanta


And I know I said "Big 5" but I decided to make some for WNBA and Arena League as well...

Kings' Tomb

World of Coca-Cola


Centennial Olympic Park


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And if anyone has any photos of each city you want me to use, feel free to inbox me.

(EXCEPT for DFW and Houston. I already know what I'm using for those)

By the way, I know there are some expansion teams coming. So I'll add them in as soon as the colors and logos appear.

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Thanks guys. And I'll get your requests in a little later tonight.

2 quick things

1 is oakland part of the SF Bay area in this one and 2 MUST FOLLOW THREAD

Yes. San Fran, Oakland, and SJ.


Poe statue


Baltimore skyline


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Is it legal to save all the images so you can change at any time or use for personal use.

I'm not sure what you mean exactly. Are you talking about copyright infringement?


Albuquerque Isotopes


Thank you so much this is great!


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