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David Letterman: Clothing Designer

Mac the Knife

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As the tremendous amount of hoopla dies down with the wrapping up of "Late Show with David Letterman," I've been learning that its host could very well be a lurking CCSLC member or a Uni-Watcher.

I've become acquainted with a Facebook group that's quite a repository of knowledge of the show and its host; among its denizens include not just long time fans of the show, but staffers and people who no doubt could pick up a phone and call Dave directly. In watching the show I'd always enjoyed the nattily designed "Late Show" jackets which staffers wore, noticing that with each new calendar year, a new design would appear... you can see the last photo below for a year-by-year rundown of them.

Well, as it turns out, from the show's 1993 debut, each annual jacket (as well as two special commemorative ones - the one worn by the guy in the middle photo, and the second of which were distributed to Late Show staffers just last week, and as you'll see at the bottom, are already been sold on eBay) was designed by none other than Mr. Letterman himself. Apparently, he took great delight and expended significant time on each design, and he certainly didn't cut corners (all utilized, at minimum, tackle twill and high-end embroidery). The last 15 or so were made by a company called Golden Bear Sportswear out of California, at a cost of somewhat over $300 each.





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