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NFL White Helmet; Updated now with full NFC East.


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Okay here are the Eagles, probably in a tie for my least favorite team (Cowboys fan). This is my most ambitious concept so far. This whole concept revolves around the 69-72 Eagles logo that I found on this site, which is below. I liked how the right wing looks almost like an E, so that inspired my helmet. The rest of the concept follows that same design. 

Eagle logo.gif

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On 7/13/2016 at 9:43 PM, adam__cain said:

I also swapped out black for a dark gray, think University of Tennessee, and I went back to a kellyish green. Here it is. 

Eagles White.jpg

Reminds of North Texas. I also like what you did with the helmet wings. I can see a stylized "E".

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On 5/27/2015 at 11:21 AM, adam__cain said:

So I was working on a few concepts and and they had white helmets so I got the idea to do a league where every team has a white helmet. The concepts that follow are based on that premise. First up is the AFC North.

I will start with Baltimore. I simplified the color scheme and went with just purple black and white of course.



Next up is Cincinnati. I had a similar concept to this before which I re worked a little. I really like the contrast the white helmet gives this set.




Next is Cleveland. I went the opposite way of NIKE, but liked the drop shadow that Cleveland has used. The helmet, even in white, just looked wrong with any kind of logo.




Pittsburgh is last, changed things up a little more with this one.




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