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Belgium National Football (soccer) crest concept


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Belgium keeps moving up the national rankings and deserves a crest befitting their upward movement.

I wanted to use parts of their past crests and include a reference to their Red Devils nickname. Thus, you get a lion with a pointed tail and a devil's horn. Let's hear what you have to say about this one, it's well on its way but C&C never hurt anyone.


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I really like it. The combination of the past and present logos really shows. The devil lion also is a great idea. I only have a few suggestions

1. The crown seems to be crowded out by the text and may be to small, maybe try moving the text, limiting the text or making the crown bigger

2. The bottom arm on the lion seems like it wants to flow more with the bottom part of the torso that becomes the leg, maybe try smoothing the curve where the arm meets the body

Also maybe put a second shield around the entire thing, like logos of the past, so that it encompasses the lion and text all together

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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