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Re-doing Jaycees Football uniforms


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So I was wondering what would happened if all the sudden my towns only youth tackle football program got a ton of money to spend on uniforms? I will post all 6 teams featuring home and away uniforms. I will show what the real uniform looks like in a picture and then show my redesign of the uniforms. First up, The Trophy case Chiefs. This is the team I played for 3 years ago. This is me in the uniform.


This is my redesign


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You're 12?! Haha. This is pretty darn good for a 12 year old. Nice and clean, I look forward to seeing what else you can do! This is miles better than stuff posted by some people twice your age.

I'd love to see some more complex designs at some point!

P.s. I joined when i was 12! Back in '04.

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This is very clean, nice, and overall a pretty good uniform. I think this would be better than 90% of what people at my school would come up with, but I have a nitpick. The Chiefs and everything else about the uniform. Maybe use a different # font or change the Chiefs to a stylized version of the font at large? I don't know, maybe it's just me. Overall, this is just a great uniform from a (not going to say 12 b/c I can't really tell).... person just coming onto the boards. Great to see new people on here and keep improving.

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It's great but honestly, I would keep the "Jaycees" thing on both uniforms. I'm assuming that's a town? Or maybe an area of town? Either way, at that level I think it's more personal so I say keep the name on both.

This. But overall I think it looks nice. One thing I might consider adding is a single red stripe on the helmet to match the pants striping.

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Ok here is my second re design. It is for the Fremont Tribune Vikings. And to answer a question:

I'm assuming that's a town? Or maybe an area of town?

The Jaycees is the program/business that funds the football program. (but they also get funded from places around town, hence the "trophy case" on the back of the Cheifs helmet) It is located in Fremont, Nebraska.

Anyways, this is a picture of my friend who plays for the Vikings and their uniforms


And this is my Re-design


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