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Updating the Cleveland Indians Uniforms V.3


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After seeing the replies on v.2 of this concept, I made a few tweaks and eliminated the extra grey and blue jerseys and which cut the alternates to three alternate jerseys. Anyways I'll break down the changes to each. What do you think and feel free to comment your thoughts.

Home Uniform: The home set from the first concept has remained unchanged and is heavily modeled infact a clone of the home uniforms worn from 1994-2001.

Away Uniform: The away uniform is unchanged from v.2 concept except the hat went through a tweak by changing the block C from red to white with a red outline.

Alternate 1: The alternate 1 uniform is left unchanged from the v.2 concept and is based off of the 1998-1999 alternate blue jersey. At home it is paired with the primary home cap with Chief Wahoo on it, on the road it is paired with the all navy Chief Wahoo cap.

Alternate 2: The alternate 2 uniform is red as a homage to the 97 AL All-Star jerseys but the Indians script is changed to Cleveland in white lettering with a blue trim. At home the uniform is paired with an all red cap with a white block C with navy trim. On the road the alternate is paired with the primary road cap.

Alternate 3: The alternate 3 uniform is the Saturday/Sunday afternoon home alternate and is almost the same as the current weekend uniform except the navy piping is added with Indians script being changed from red with navy trim to navy with red trim paired with matching pants with red socks, belt, and cleats.

BP Home: The BP home is left unchanged except on the cap the block C is navy with white trim.

BP Away: The BP away is also left unchanged except the cap is navy with a white front with a red block C trimmed in navy similar to the 2014 All-Star game cap worn by Michael Brantley.

Again tell me what you think and I hope you guys like them. Regardless this is an improvement over the current set.

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