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Some of you may have seen the previous versions of my National League uniform concepts that I was posting one day at a time on a separate topic, but to make it easier to look at and since I've also come up with some better ideas since then, here is the complete lineup of every NL uniform that I have created. (However due to the fact that the amount of jerseys exceeds the limit of images that one is allowed to post, I've broken it up into two parts.) I've gone back and made some minor modifications to a few of the existing ones, as well as adding some new jerseys. I will possibly make better versions of each uniform on a better template eventually, but for now I've just finalized the ideas of my designs and I'm looking for feedback. A description of each jersey is at the bottom of the page.

Using the Wikipedia template, I tried to keep all the jerseys as close to the way they look as possible and if anything enhance them or remove elements that I felt weren't necessary or I just didn't like. Also I've included BP jerseys with each of the uniform sets, as well as a few throwbacks. The BP jerseys are made to more resemble the previous version the MLB wore prior to the kind they wear now. As an added touch, I've given all the teams traditional style stirrup socks and I've cleaned up the colors on the shoes a little bit too. Here's each team in alphabetical order.








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Arizona Diamondbacks
First off let me say that I never have liked the "D-backs" lettering on the current Arizona home jerseys. However I've always loved the "A" made to look like a snake head. Taking that logo and basing the jerseys off the design of the early 2000's D-backs jerseys, I made a modern version of them with just the "A" logo at home and on the alternate red jersey. The road jersey is pretty much left unchanged, as well as the black alternate and the BP jersey. I've also added an early 2000's throwback jersey complete with purple pinstripes, hat, and stirrups.
Atlanta Braves
For the Braves, I left the home and road uniforms alone because I didn't think there was anything at all that needed to be done with them. Not to be unpatriotic, but I just don't like the Braves alternate red jersey with stars & stripes script, so I modified it by changing the color of the script to white so it would standout better and returned the tomahawk below the lettering. I also changed the color order of the piping and sleeve trim to match that of the script. The same was done on the blue alternate. I dropped the cream white throwback jersey because I didn't really think it looked that much different than the modern jersey. Instead, I replaced it with the blue sleeved 70's jersey as a throwback, complete with feathers on the sleeves and white front paneled hat with lowercase "a" logo. Speaking of hats, I always thought that the Braves blue hat with a red bill looks so much better than the solid blue one, so I put it on both the home and away jerseys and gave the alternates matching hats as well. The BP jersey I left pretty much the same, but dropped the tomahawk as I don't feel it really needed it
Chicago Cubs
What can I say about my hated rivals the Cubs? Only that I respect the fact that like the Cardinals, they know how to keep a good tradition going and that's why I left their regular home and road uniforms exactly as they are. However, I never have liked their alternate blue jersey but taking the same concept, I converted it into their BP jersey and gave the cap a 90's treatment with a blue top and red bill. I dropped the away throwback jersey as it just seems a little dull to me.
Cincinnati Reds
Again, just like the Braves and Cubs, I didn't feel that there was much that needed to be done to the Reds uniforms. The only slight modification I made was to remove the goofy Johnny Redlegs mascot patch and Reds logo patch on the left sleeve of the jerseys. I'm not a fan of mascots with giant baseball heads and the Reds logo doesn't look good to me as a sleeve patch. Another change I made was the removal of the red hats with black bills on the road jersey. I never have liked black in the Reds color scheme as I feel it just isn't a good combination. So I left their hats solid red on all three, however I went ahead and put the black billed hat with the BP jersey as it just seems that BP caps look good with a two tone color combination for some reason. Also the BP jersey just has the regular Reds logo on it as I don't particularly care for the cursive script they have on the BP jersey now. In addition, I made a 70's/80's throwback jersey. Finally to complete the elimination of black from the uniforms, I dropped the black shoes (except from the throwback) and changed them all to a logically matching Red.
Colorado Rockies
The Rockies were another team that I left primarily the same, but did change the alternate jerseys up a bit. In my opinion, I think the purple alternates are too loud and to me solid purple jerseys just don't look good on an MLB field. So I changed it to black and added a home version with the word "Rockies" on it, very reminiscent of the mid 90's alternates. I also added purple piping and sleeve trim to each alternate to better match the road jersey. I dropped the alternate vest jersey as I never have liked the look of it and I'm not a big fan of vest uniforms in the MLB either. For the BP jersey, I made them a simple plain black with the interlocking "CR" logo on it. The hats I feel look better solid black on all three jerseys, but I did give the BP hat a purple bill and kept the logo the "CR" as the mountain logo just doesn't look good on a hat if you ask me.
Los Angeles Dodgers
The Dodgers are another one of those teams that have been around for so long and have such a classic look that it would seem inappropriate to do anything different with it. The only thing I did to the jerseys was take the "LA" logo off the sleeve, as having it on both the hat and the sleeve just seems excessive to me. I did make one minor adjustment to the alternate road jersey by adding white stripes around the blue trim on the sleeves to make them appear as more of a throwback. Keeping it simple, I made the BP jerseys pretty much the same and kept the hat solid blue as white bills or gray tops just don't seem to look right to me on any kind of ball cap.
Miami Marlins
As much as I wish the Marlins would have stuck with their old teal & black color scheme and jumping fish logo, I did feel that their current "Miami" motif was good enough for a modern look, but still could use some minor tweaking and adjustments. Starting with the home jersey, I get that the Fish are trying to put the point across that they're called the "Miami" Marlins now and not the "Florida" Marlins, but why couldn't they have put "Marlins" on the home jerseys at least? To me, a city name should only appear on a road jersey unless you're wearing a throwback or fauxback. It just doesn't make sense to wear it at home. (I'll get to the Rangers later.) So taking the same "Marlins" lettering that they wear only on their orange alternate jerseys for whatever reason, I transferred it over to the home white jersey, but kept the rest of it as well as the gray road jerseys the same. I also kept the two alternate jerseys mostly the same as well, but brought back the recently retired orange hats that I feel go along so well with their current color scheme. It just feels appropriate that a team from the Orange State should have an orange hat to go along with their orange jerseys. For the BP jersey I kept them exactly the same. Finally, I dropped the "M" logo from the sleeves of all the jerseys as just like with the Dodgers, I feel it's a little excessive to have the same logo both on the hat and the sleeve. (The Indians could be an exception to this rule however.)
Milwaukee Brewers
The Brewers again were another team who's regular home and road uniforms I left alone and only did work on their alternates. First off, I eliminated the gold alternate jersey as I just hate the color of it and I also got rid of the alternate blue jersey with "Milwaukee" on it. I figured if the regular road gray jersey doesn't have it, why bother having it on an alternate? I did however leave the blue alternate that just says "Brewers" as I actually like the colors of it. Also I fixed the throwback jersey so that it's the proper pullover type with a blue collar and elastic waistband pants. Also I removed the logo from the sleeve of the throwback since it wan't there in the first place, but transferred the same sleeve patch from the regular home jersey to all the other jerseys. For BP I returned them to the style they had prior to the throwback type that they wear now, as the "MB" logo is one of those logos that I think looks OK on a hat but not on a jersey.
New York Mets
I was so glad when the Mets ditched black from their color scheme and went back to their original appearance with the cream colored pinstripes. Keeping with this theme, I left the regular home and road uniforms exactly the same as well as the alternate home blue jersey. I don't get however why they have silver lettering on the alternate road jersey, so I changed it to the same orange with a white outline as the home alternate and matched the hat as well. Not to be unsupportive of the military, but the Mets in cammo just doesn't look right to me, especially when you mix in their orange and blue colors. So instead I replaced the cammo jersey with an 80's throwback, complete with orange and blue racing stripes down the shoulders and pants. The BP jersey has been redone to reflect the blue alternate jersey the Mets wore in the 80's as well, with the word "Mets" colored white with an orange outline. The BP hat logo also matches this color pattern, replacing the hideous orange BP hats with Mr. Met on them that they wear now. Again, just like Johnny Redlegs, mascots with giant baseball heads look dumb to me and seem like they'd be scary to kids. On that note, I made the sleeve patches the same on every jersey, (except the throwback) as just having the regular Mets circle logo with backdrop of the city on it seems a better, more traditional look.
Philadelphia Phillies
The Phillies have another great classic look that thankfully they've stuck with and have done very little to change. Their home and road jerseys I left the same and I really like their cream white throwback/alternates, so I also kept those. As an added touch, I made two 70's/80's throwback jerseys: The home white with maroon pinstripes and the powder blue road jersey which I've always loved. (Notice that these jerseys are drawn as zip-ups as they originally were made.) The BP jersey is exactly the same, however I changed the script lettering to white so that it appears clearer.
Pittsburgh Pirates
The Pirates really cleaned their look up a few years ago and went with a great traditional look. Practically nothing needed to be done here. The home, road, and alternate jerseys are all the same. The Sunday throwback jersey is also exactly the same, however I added the correct colorings to the stirrups. No change either to the BP jersey, however I stuck with the black hat with yellow bill, as opposed to the ugly gold hat with 60's pirate logo on it. (Sorry Pirate fans, it just doesn't look right.)
San Diego Padres
The Padres are a team that have come a long way in their jersey design. Over the years we've seen them in everything from hideous mustard yellow head-to-toe, to brown and yellow tops that remind one of a hotdog on a summer day at the ballpark, to blue and orange, to the current rather plain look of straight up navy blue. Right now I love what the Padres have done with their jerseys, especially how the road jerseys were made a little more cleaner looking compared to the crazy way they had "San Diego" spelled out a few years back. The cammo jerseys are always a great way to pay tribute to the armed forces and it only seems appropriate especially there in San Diego. (The Padres went the smart approach too in having the script lettering and outline match that of the jersey.) One thing I do miss however is the alternate blue jersey with the "Padres" script on it that they had for awhile back, so I made one to go along with the current alternate jersey with the "SD" logo on it, as well as transferring the "SD" logo to the BP jersey, a better look in my opinion than the current BP jerseys with gold script. Finally, I've always loved the swinging friar logo, so I made it the sleeve patch on all of the jerseys, except the cammo and BP.
San Francisco Giants
What a lineup I have for the Giants. First off, let me say that the Giants are another team that I really don't like but love their traditional look. There were however some changes and modifications that I felt did need to be made. For the home and road jerseys, I left them pretty much the same but dropped the ridiculous overuse of the word "Giants" on the sleeve of the home jersey and "SF" circle logo on the road, two things I felt were just not necessary. As for the alternates, this is when I really got creative. The current orange colored Friday alternates the Giants wear and new black on black "SF" jerseys just don't look appealing to me. So I went with a throwback approach and turned the alternates into modern versions of the late 70's/early 80's jerseys, complete with identical script and color patterns. The piping is adjusted to match each jersey's colors accordingly and the hats are all black with orange bills. I left the grey throwback/alternate "SF" road jersey pretty much the same and carried the logo over onto the BP jersey, but left the BP hat alone.
St. Louis Cardinals
Now for my hometown Cardinals! The jerseys are about as traditional and as iconic as you can get in baseball. The home whites are exactly the same, with the minor addition of a single red pant stripe reminiscent of the 60's and some red striping around the sleeve cuffs. The road grays take the "St. Louis" script that is on the current Saturday alternates, the road being a much more fitting place for it in my mind. In place of the Saturday alternate I've kept the same cream white colored jersey with red piping but replaced the "St. Louis" script with the single bird-on-the-bat logo on the left breast, similar to the jerseys the Cards wore in 1927 after winning their first World Series. Also it's a look that I love and have always wanted to see brought back on the modern jerseys. Gone altogether are the navy blue hats and belts that were once worn on the road and have now been reduced to just occasional alternates. I never really did like the Redbirds in blue hats as I felt that it just didn't look right and it doesn't make sense for a team with red as their primary color to have a solid blue hat for whatever reason. (I'll tell you what I think of the Red Sox hats later.) However the Sunday alternate hat with navy blue top and red bill I've always loved. Mainly because it's two-tone in it's color appearance and not solid blue. If there's at least an even balance of a team's main colors on a hat then I'm fine with it, but if one color that's not in their main color scheme or doesn't even relate to their name or logo is made into a hat or jersey top, then that just makes no sense to me at all, let alone even looking right. The big addition is the 70's/80's throwbacks, complete with red white and blue striped collars, sleeve cuffs, pants, and waist bands, as well as those famous powder blue road jerseys! (The official name of the color is victory blue, but I'm not going to get technical here.) I also added a 40's WWII era throwback jersey, complete with accurate zipper front and stars & stripes shield patch on the left sleeve. The BP jersey has been made to more closely resemble the Cards 80's BP jerseys by replacing the Cardinals script with the "STL" logo. Also I added a white outline to the logo on the BP hat so it appears clearer.
Washington Nationals
I'm sure I'm not the only one who thinks that the Nationals "W" logo is almost identical to the Walgreen's "W" logo. Thus being, I never have liked it. However I love the "DC" logo that they once used to use as an alternate and wish that they would bring it back. The Nat's do have a good color combination and a logical one at that being in the nation's capital. So I kept the home white jersey as it is, however I replaced the "W" with the seldom seen "Nationals" script that I think matches the road jerseys much better. For the hats, I changed the "W" logo to the "DC" logo and kept them solid red on both the regular home and road jerseys. For the alternate jersey, I stuck with just the blue one and again replaced the logo from the stars & stripes "W" to the stars & stripes "DC". The blue hat with a red bill I feel is a good match with this jersey so I left it with it but replaced the "W" with the stars & stripes "DC" to match the jersey. The BP jersey is similar to what they have now but I again swapped the "W" for the "DC" and changed the white BP hat with a red bill to a red hat with a blue bill, pretty much the same as the current road jersey hat.
Well that's it! Thanks for reading and thanks for looking. I look forward to hearing what you all think! I'm open to any advice and constructive criticism. Please note that I'm entitled to my opinions as you are to yours, so please don't take offense at any of my thoughts or reasons for doing work on a particular team's jersey. That's just what I think and you don't have to agree with it. I will also be posting my AL uniform concepts all on one page as well but on a separate topic, so be sure to look for that! Thanks everybody and hope most of you like the designs! :flagusa:
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